I’m about to graduate, how do I take my site with me?

After leaving KSC you will lose access to your KSCopen domain August 15th. You then have a number of options: migrate your site to Reclaim Hosting for $30/year to keep everything, download your entire site to store on your computer, or move everything over to another hosting provider (see below for the 10% discount code for KSCopen users).

Using Reclaim Hosting
KSCopen is hosted through Reclaim Hosting, a company that started out of the University of Mary Washington. Through our special partnership with them, you’re eligible to have your domain and content automatically migrated to a full hosting account at a 10% discount. Just sign up for your own domain, submit a support ticket, and they’ll do the migration for you. You won’t have to provide any login information since they control the servers on both sides.

To sign up for your own Reclaim Hosting domain:

1. Login to KSCopen.

2. In the top navigation menu, go to Manage Your Account > Migration Information.

3. Click on Get Started in the Migration Offer box. Use the promo code reclaim4edu to get a 10% discount.


Image. Migration offer.

4. You will be given the options to: a) register a new domain, b) transfer your domain from another registrar, or c) I will use my existing domain and update your nameservers d) use a subdomain from Reclaim Hosting.

Image. Student or personal plan.


If your site’s URL ends in KSCopen.org, and you have never used a different URL or purchased hosting from somewhere else, option a; register a new domain  allows you to get your own personal domain with Reclaim Hosting (outside of KSCopen.org). Your site will no longer be located at “yoursite.KSCopen.org” and you’ll be able to purchase a new URL.

If you have purchased (or intend to purchase) a URL from a different hosting company, but still want your site to be hosted with Reclaim Hosting, select option c; I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers. Your site will be migrated to a personal Reclaim Hosting account, but then you will have to update the information that tells the other hosting company (that you got your URL from) where your site is located. It’s possible to get your hosting and URL from two separate companies, but it’s often easier and cheaper to get them together.

If you already have a site that’s hosted somewhere else, and want to transfer everything to a personal Reclaim Hosting account, select Transfer your domain from another registrar.

Other Hosting Providers

If you don’t want to continue with Reclaim and would rather use a different hosting company, you can download all your site files independently, purchase a URL, and upload the files to your new domain through FTP.

Thank you to Middlebury College for the use of their Migration to Reclaim Hosting documentation