Digital Identity

Take ownership of your presence on the web. Express your ideas. Integrate your learning and interests.

Digital Fluency

Use open-source platforms. Build projects using digital tools. Create portfolios, exhibits, galleries, blogs, or wikis.

Digital Citizenship

Engage with the community. Construct the web. Navigate, and critically question digital technologies.

The purpose of KSCOpen is to bring forward the intellectual and creative work of both students and faculty at Keene State College.  Providing students with their own web domain space to integrate and openly share their learning, KSCOpen has been wildly successful with participation from faculty and students in courses across all schools and many disciplines including English, Economics, Environmental Studies, Education, Music, Film, History, and Biology.

The image above depicts a student exploring a coral reef in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The physical and biological interconnectedness of the coral animals and other organisms, including their mutualistic association with zooxanthellae algae, form the basis of a reef and provide habitat for an enormous diversity of marine organisms engaged in a complex set of relationships.  (Reef exploration by Scott Strong CC BY 4.0). Logo inspired by Scott Strong and created by Jamie Halloran class of 2019.