Digital Identity

Take ownership of your presence on the web. Express your ideas. Integrate your learning and interests.

Digital Fluency

Use open-source platforms. Build projects using digital tools. Create portfolios, exhibits, galleries, blogs, or wikis.

Digital Citizenship

Engage with the community. Construct the web. Navigate, and critically question digital technologies.

KSCopen Project Leaders

Karen Cangialosi is professor of Biology and the USNH-KSC Open Education Faculty Fellow. Karen incorporates Open pedagogical practices, including use of OER and digital technologies, into her courses. She is passionate about Open Education as a movement that emphasizes social justice and a learner-driven philosophy of teaching. As an advocate for public higher ed, she is also deeply committed to playing a direct role in making higher education and knowledge more accessible.

Jenny Darrow is director of Digital Learning and has been collaborating with faculty on web-enabled projects for over 15 years. Jenny works with faculty to design strategies that are centered on sound pedagogy and she is a passionate advocate of using digital tools to help students learn. Her current interests are Open Education and how the resulting ethos of DIY (do-it-yourself) supports student empowerment.

Mark C. Long is professor of English and director of the Integrative Studies Program. Ever since 1992, in the computer-integrated courses program at the University of Washington, Mark has been experimenting with emerging technologies in his teaching and scholarship. His current interests include the use of digital technologies in collaborative intellectual work by faculty and students.

The image above depicts a student exploring a coral reef in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The physical and biological interconnectedness of the coral animals and other organisms, including their mutualistic association with zooxanthellae algae, form the basis of a reef and provide habitat for an enormous diversity of marine organisms engaged in a complex set of relationships.  (Reef exploration by Scott Strong CC BY 4.0). Logo inspired by Scott Strong and created by Jamie Halloran class of 2019.